Everything I make is made with comfort in mind. 

The leather I use is garment leather. It's typically softer and more flexible than the most common leather you see in stores (veg tan).
It is also more suitable for direct skin contact, as veg tan will pull the oils from your skin. 

Since I want my products to be comfortable to wear and without bulk. This means that some of the gear I make is specifically to be worn as clothing or an accessory. Choosing to work with garment leather means that my products are limited edition in regards to fun colours as I do not dye them myself. 

When ordering for play, please message me to ensure I make your product with a sturdy leather. Alternatively, ordering a leash and collar set will typically result in a product made for play. 

Caring for your leather - please remember that leather CANNOT be washed. Please only use leather cleaners on your items.